Residential Roof

Residential roof

The roof of your home is considered one of the most important element of your property. On the other hand, many people tend to neglect their roof, either by hiring less experienced contractors, postponing renovation work or by forgetting to schedule regular maintenance.

To the majority of people, a residential roof is not considered a living space, this explains why many forget its importance. However, the roof fulfills a very important and practical role which should not be overlooked. Thus, it is necessary to carefully choose a residential roofer with several years of experience such as Toitures Nordik who will assure you a quality work.

The roof of your home is an important element in the process of building your property which obviously brings a touch of beauty. But its primary function is to keep the structure and the other components of your house in good condition.

Water infiltration creates mold in the wood of your roof structure, so the waterproofing of the roof is a priority to ensure its durability. It is also very important to protect the insulation. When mineral wool is exposed to water, it loses much of its properties and efficiency. Neglecting these elements greatly influences the energy efficiency of your home.

Several materials are available, so it is somehow difficult to make the right choice for the covering or the maintaining of your roof. Fortunately, our team will provide you with a personalized service by estimating your needs and will explain you the most preferable jobs to be done. Several options will be offered to you depending on the situation.

We have been roofing contractor in Quebec for several years. Toitures Nordik has all the experience and the skills required to deliver you a quality service for your residential roof. As much as for the construction or the maintenance of your roof, you can request a free of charge estimation.