Commercial Roof

Commercial roof

The roof of your commercial building is an element that must not be neglected. Your employees, the equipment and the condition of your building are all related with the smooth running of your business. In order not to worry about an unpleasant surprise one day, you must ensure that your commercial roof stays in good condition whether it is profitable on the energy efficiency plan and whether it is waterproof so that no mold develops there.

Since it is a commercial roof, we have to worry about several elements to respect existing standards. Toitures Nordik is a qualified commercial roofer. The standards and the requirements of the commercial industry are different from those of a residential environment, so superior expertise is required. We possess this expertise and assure you a long durable commercial roof of quality.

A commercial roof must be flat, according to a general rule. This makes it easier to reach to make its repairs, more easily to install mechanical equipment and to ensure the regular maintenance. Once again, a careful work is necessary so that the materials are perfectly installed to avoid the roof from leaking.

The Building Code imposes requirements that must be met by the commercial roofer. We are familiar with all these requirements and we will have no problem to respect each one of them.

The climate of Quebec must also be taken into account during the construction or maintenance of your commercial roof because it must be able to adapt to the rigorous winter conditions. With the experience of our team, Toitures Nordik offers you a service that is perfectly suited to these conditions. Whether it is for a brand new construction, repairs or just an inspection, we carry out our work by respecting your environment and the established rules.

We have been roofing contractor in Quebec for several years. Toitures Nordik has all the experience and skills required to deliver you a quality service for your commercial roof. As much as for the construction or the maintenance of your roof, you can request a free of charge estimation.