Industrial & Institutional Roof

Institutional Roofs

By experience, when it comes to being well covered, our team reminds you of the importance of setting up on solid foundations. This is even more important when talking about industrial and institutional roofs.

Obviously, your institutional roof must not only provide you with sustainable protection against all types of weather, but it also plays an important role against the infiltration of water, as well as, the infiltration of air. If you want to keep your building in good condition, it begins with the roof.

For our experts’ team in institutional roofing, no project is too big scale or too demanding. We possess the quality standards looked for by several companies, as well as, a concern for the major details. We will offer you several choices and options concerning your institutional roof. Our team will provide you with a personalized service by estimating your needs and will explain the most relevant jobs to be done on your roof.

Toitures Nordik respect the deadlines. Our work is carried out quickly in the respect of your environment and the established rules. Our roofers are experimented and are guaranteeing you a high quality service.

The Quebec’s climate must also be taken into account during the construction or maintenance of your institutional roof because it must adapt to the rigorous conditions of our winters. With the experience of our team, we deliver a service that is perfectly suited to these conditions.

We have been roofing contractor in Quebec for several years. Toitures Nordik has all the experience and the skills required to deliver a quality service for your institutional roof. As much as for the construction or the maintenance of your roof, you can request a free of charge estimation.